Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Describe Color Red to a Blind Person

D-Works Tee, Vertigo Shirt, Lee Jean, Gucci Boots, Timex Watch, Aldo Dog-tag

Grunge style is my favorite look so I decided to wear grunge style to visit my friends to work at Talisay City Hall. No worries because I visit them during their lunch time so that I can't disturb them while they are working. Hahaha. It was very fun talking about different kalog moments that we always did before. We are like kids talking and laughing like before, and people are looking. hahahaha. So fun! I also grab the opportunity to step by to the post office to get a postal id.
I would like to thank John Dexter Ingente for the D-works Tee that he gave me because my grunge look won't be completed without this very cool tee. What do you think?