Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chat Time

DC Plaid Shirt, PENSHOPPE V-neck Shirt, BUM Jeans, CONVERSE Sneakers

It's Casual Friday wear, I really love it when I wear anything comfortable and look good. Well, laid back outfit is the answer on every dress down days. Laid back means casual clothes with a statements attires that has a certain amount of sense to dress up in a casual way. 

But the most important in every outfit is your confidence level because even if you have the most expensive designer clothes if you don't have the confidence wearing it everything is useless. For me, style is not about what you wear its about how you wear it. 

The key to everyday casual wear is to look neat and the outfit are well put together. I like this outfit since it is comfortable and it feels good to wear. Hahahaha Hope you like it too.  Till next outfit post.