Saturday, January 31, 2015


Island Souvenirs T-Shirt, Levis DIY Short, Forever 21 Men Sneakers

Its the time of the year again for the biggest and grandest festival in the Philippines. I may sound bias but Sinulog Festival of the Queen City of the South is the best festival in the Philippines. There are many contingent of the Sinulog Grand Mardi gra with their most colorful costumes and very creative designs and concepts. Aside from the Sinulog performance in the Abellana Sports Ground there is a Sinulog Party for the new generation as well. We got our face paint ready and dance from the strips of  baseline to mango ave. You'll missed half of your life if you haven't experience the Sinulog Fever. HAHA

Then lets talk about my festival look, I'm really into laid back and comfort that's why I choose this t-shirt from island souvenirs because it is very light that minimizes the heat. My diy Levis short is like my best friend, its always been classic. And I finish it up with the black forever 21 men sneakers to minimizes the dirt when you come in this kind of party. See you next year then. 

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