Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Change of Ride

John Lewis & Co Shirt, Penshoppe Short, Forever 21 Men Sneakers

Discovering a new cool place in town is awesome. It's been a month now since I've heard about this new cool resto. Now we have the time to visit Cafe Racer diner. From the name itself you would expect that the interior are related to racing which is right. Hahaha. And they served american food. Aside from food and interior, Cafe Racer is also a great place to chill at night because of its location. It is not that crowded so it is very nice to order some beer and talk about everything and anything under the moon together with you friends. Hahaha. Now lets talk about my outfit. I always want to keep my outfit cool and fresh even if I don't look fresh in my photos. Hahaha Thank you for visiting my blog today I hope you like it. Till my next blog post.