Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Paradise Staycation Photo Diary

Camotes island is one of the nicest island in visayas region that's why it is one of the favorite summer destination for families and friends. We spent our three days staycation in Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort since it is very private and quite perfect for Holy Week. Let's start with their beach area since that's my favorite, it is not as wide as I imagined because there is a wall on each side to retain its privacy which is okay. Next is the service, it is great! All their employees seems very nice and approachable. If you don't have car like us the resort has a van that can get from the port and take you directly to the resort vice verse. The restaurant is great because they offer great food choices plus the waiters are cuties. Lol My total resort experience is great worthy of the money we spent.